Welcome to Storeviva Affiliates

StoreViva offers you an opportunity to earn extra income by joining our affiliate network to promote our services. Earn up to 10% commission for every sale you make.

We have a variety of services which you can start selling now. Selling is as simple as sharing a link.

Earn extra income. It is as simple as sharing a link.

Our Products and Services

We have a variety of products and services for selling. Selling them is as easy as sharing a link.

Same Day Deliveries

You can earn up to 5% per delivery booked. Our same day delivery services offers real time tracking, sms notifications and more. Deliveries are performed by our own network established over 7 years in Singapore.

Express International Mail

You can earn up to 10% for every customer that signed up and placed an express international mail order. Our express international mail is 30% cheaper than the market rate as we have negotiated a discounted rates with our partners.

Storeviva Inventory Software

You can earn up to 10% per customer when they signed up for a paid plan. Storeviva is built ground up with feedback from Logistics professionals. It comes integrated with logistics services.